How to Rehydrate Dry Cannabis Buds

How to Rehydrate Dry Cannabis Buds?

One of the saddest things that can happen to you is to roll a joint only to find out that your stash has gone dry. There are two reasons why cannabis dries: it is overdried after harvest or it was not properly stored. If you are cutting down your cannabis to dry it, its stems will soon lose its stiffness. To know if it is properly dried, you should be able to snap a stem in half. Otherwise, if it continues to bend, it will require more drying time. If you live in arid climates, you might have to get a humidifier.

With storage, there are many mistakes that beginners usually make that cause their stash to dry out and become brittle. This includes exposing it to too much pressure and high temperatures, and refrigerating or freezing. If you find yourself with dried weed, do not worry. There are some things you can do to rehydrate. Remember that smoking dry, crumbly pot is harsh on the throat, hurt your lungs, and taste terrible.


Because the weed got dry, you have to expose it to a level of moisture that will efficiently rehydrate it. Limit moisture levels between 6 and 9 percent; getting it above 65 percent can lead to mold growth. Rehydrating cannabis usually involves putting the pot together with another wet object in a sealed container to create a microclimate. This allows the water from the wet object to transfer to the dry object until an even moisture system is reached.


To get the best results, always use distilled water. Distilled water has gone through the process of evaporation and condensation, and is passed through a filter. All these ensure that the water is completely free from any kind of chemicals or impurities that can affect the weed once you rehydrate it. There are a few method you can use to rehydrate dry cannabis buds. Read more about them below.

  • Damp paper towel

    Lightly dampen a clean paper towel and place it beside the dried cannabis in a thick plastic bag and close it tightly. After an hour or two, check the weed if it was able to absorb moisture.

  • Fruit peel

    This method involves putting a stash in an airtight container with fruit peel, lemon or lime. You can also use cherry, apples, banana, grapefruit and pear. Aside from rehydrating, the fruit peels can also infuses fruity flavors to your weed.

  • Bread

    Moisten a slice of bread and put it in the same container as the dried pot. Make sure that the bread does not come into contact with the weed. Repeat this process around five times to get the best results.

  • Lettuce

    Because lettuce is mainly made up of water, this is a great choice for rehydrating cannabis. Similar to rehydrating with a fruit peel, simply leave a lettuce cut in an airtight container for about 12 hours.

  • Humidity packs

    As a last resort, use a disposable humidity pack. You can find many affordable ones sold online, with some made specifically for preserving the ideal humidity of weed.


Rehydrating dry cannabis buds is not something you want to do often, so prevention is always the key. To prevent it from drying in the first place, make sure that you store it properly. If you want to ensure that you smoke only the freshest weed always, invest in a humidifier or humidor. Finally, when it comes to storing your stash, air tight and out of sight should be your motto.

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