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How to Know the Difference Between Good and Bad Weed?

Now you have done your research and know what cannabis strain you want to buy. You have also found a reputable dispensary to get your goods from, and you have found the right tools and determined the proper method to consume marijuana. But are you sure that what you are buying is actually good weed? Here are 10 ways to distinguish between good and bad weed.

  1. Color. This is one of the easiest ways to determine if your weed is of good quality or not. High quality cannabis is green, with flecks of purple or orange. On the other hand, brown cannabis means it has gone bad and might even contain mold, pesticides and other unpleasant stuff.
  2. Smell. Good cannabis should have a fresh smell that is easily detected. Bad cannabis will mostly likely smell like grass or hay. If it does not smell like good cannabis, do not smoke it.
  3. Taste. Tasting marijuana to determine its quality might be a little harder and is something that more experience cannabis users can do. Good weed should have a fresh taste. Otherwise, avoid smoking your goods.
  4. Crystals. The crystals found in cannabis are called trichomes, and they determine the amount of THC in a particular cannabis strain. If you are sold weed and are told that it is a potent strain, and yet you do not see any crystals, stay clear of it.
  5. Feel. The texture of weed is very important and can be very distinct. Marijuana that has been cured properly should be slightly dried but still sticky. If your cannabis is not sticky, it means it has dried out and will easily turn to dust. At the same time, you would not want your weed to feel too moist. You would want your goods to feel somewhere in the middle – it should be a little sticky and a little dry.
  6. Stems, sticks and seeds. Good quality cannabis will have no three S: stems, sticks and seeds. It should only have a few sticks and stems that hold the bud together, and there should be no seeds. The thicker the bud, the better the weed.
  7. Orange hairs. If the cannabis plant is matured and properly pollinated, it will have small orange hairs. This is the sign of a good quality cannabis strain. If your stash has orange hairs, you know that you go your hands on some good stuff.
  8. Well-trimmed. Although this will not necessarily tell if your weed is good or bad, a well-trimmed bud without extra stems or leaves shows that the plant was well maintained. It shows that whoever grew or sold the plant takes good care of their product.
  9. Contaminants. If you see something off about your weed, do not smoke it. It is important that you check your marijuana for little bugs or molds before making your purchase. If you see thin, white hairs resembling a spider web, it is most likely spider mites. Do not buy it.
  10. Tested products. To really ensure that you buy good quality, buy only lab-tested products. This will not always be an option, but if you can find a product that is certified to contain little to no pesticides and contaminants, it is most probably good.

Your overall cannabis experience greatly depends on the quality of the weed you consume. Keep in mind the tips above to help you differentiate between good and bad weed. If you still find yourself having a hard time determine good and bad weed, do not hesitate to ask the knowledgeable from your trusted cannabis dispensary.

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