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Are Hash and Marijuana the Same Thing?

Many cannabis beginners mostly believe that hash and marijuana are the same thing. It does not help that lots of websites interchangeably use the terms. One thing that is true is that both of them come from the same cannabis plant. However, they are processed in different manners, which plays a big role in their differences. Read on to learn more about hash and marijuana and why they are not the same thing.

What is Hash?

Otherwise known as hashish, hash is a cannabis extract made by separating the buds from the resin. There are lots of hash varieties, including BHO, rosin and bubble hash, all of which involve separating the trichomes of the cannabis and compressing them into a particular shape like a ball.

Traditional forms of hash originate from Morocco, India and Afghanistan. In these countries, hash involves running dried cannabis through sieves to separate the trichomes from the rest of the plant material. This creates kief, which is then heated and pressed to produce potent hash. Today, there are lots of ways to make hash. For one you can use a special rosin press to make potent resin. In contrast, bubble hash involves using friction and ice water to separate the trichomes. With the BHO process, butane is used.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana are cannabis flowers that are dried and cured. These are ready to smoke, vaporize, cook or be turned into concentrate. There are lots of marijuana strains, each offering varying effects. Cannabis indica traditionally offers sedative and relaxing effects, while sativa varieties promote euphoria and energy. However, it is more likely that the cannabis’ chemical makeup is responsible for its effects, which includes the cannabinoids other than CBD and THC and its terpene content.

Manufacturers and sellers of marijuana grow female cannabis plants and wait until they bloom. Once these plants are harvested, the grower will then dry and cure the flowers. Once the flowers have dried, the grower will then proceed to remove the seeds, stems and other excess leaves.

Hash vs Marijuana

Potency and Effects

  • Hash: Because hash is compressed trichomes, they have the greatest intoxication level. Even what is considered a weak hash can have over 40 percent THC content. BHO and rosin can have levels of up to 90 percent. Thus, extreme caution is needed when consuming them. The level of intoxication is more pronounced than marijuana. The high will hit you almost immediately, depending on how you use it.
  • Marijuana: In the recent years, breeders have started to make powerful hybrids. Usually, high quality cannabis can have about 20 percent THC, but there are a few strains that have over 30 percent THC content. The effects of the marijuana will largely depend on the strain you consume. Indica strains have a more sedative effect, while sativas have effects similar to hash with less intoxication.

Usage and Flavor

  • Hash: You can vaporize or smoke hash, but it can also be added in cannabis recipes. One of the biggest differences between the two is the taste. Hash has a complex and spicy flavor with an earthy taste. When it comes to quality, it will depend on the kind of hash. Hand-rubbed hash has a dark brown color with thick consistency, while dry sieved ones has a yellowish brown color with a sticky consistency.
  • Marijuana: This can be consumed in the same way as hash, with the added option of using it to make concentrates. These products contain higher THC levels than hash. The flavor of marijuana depends on its strain. Weed that has a classic taste has a fresh, herbal taste, where you can get hints of cheese, citrus, diesel and many other kinds of flavors.

So if hash and marijuana the same thing? No. Generally, marijuana is more flavorful, while hash gives a high similar to a sativa cannabis strain. Both offer different experiences, but you will still become intoxicated regardless of whether you use marijuana or hash.

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